GMG & Mimaki


Digital proofing on original substrates and production of color-accurate packaging mock-ups

The unique solution of GMG and Mimaki for high value packaging applications enables for the first time digital proofing on original substrates. It combines the UV inkjet printers UJF-605, 607 and 3042 of Mimaki, the color management software GMG ColorServer for fully automatic color conversions and GMG SmartProfiler for calibrating and profiling printers.

The core applications of the GMG-Mimaki solution are:

  • color-accurate digital proofing on original substrates used for production – with white ink and varnish support,
  • digital production of color-accurate packaging mock-ups/prototypes,
  • short runs/personalization – replacing time consuming and expensive prints on the production press.



Your benefits

  • consistent and exact color results on virtually any material
  • highest color quality and repeatability at a resolution of 1.200 dpi
  • the same finishing as for the final product can be applied